Civic Hacking?

Civic Hacking describes the nascent community of civic hackers who are building apps and tools that benefit their communities and are changing the face of democracy using open government data.

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You can help

We need coders, artists, organizers, writers, and makers ... anyone who wants to volunteer to meet other cool people and make a better Michiana. No coding skills are necessary!

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Thanks for Attending CodeAcross 2015

We would like to thank the participants and sponsors for making CodeAcross Michiana a success this year! Without your efforts, we would not have been able to work on projects like Tree Hugger SB, Adopt a Lot SB and doing a digital census of the City of South Bend's online resources.

Our sponsors included: The Branch, City of South Bend, Code for America, and IUSB.

Upcoming Events

National Day of Civic Hacking

Hack Michiana will join with thousands of people from across the US for National Day of Civic Hacking. The event will bring together civic hackers, urbanists, developers, designers, community organizers, government staff, and anyone with a passion to make our community better. Let's join together to collaboratively build new solutions to improve our community and local government. Anyone can participate; you don't have to be an expert in technology, you just have to care about your neighborhood and community.

Work on a project to benefit Michiana:

  • Trees in City Parks - Work on an application that will allow the crowd-sourcing of trees in our city parks. This information will help the Parks Department with the management of the City of South Bend's mature trees.
  • Art Finder - Help gather information about the City of South Bend's public art, and work toward a redeployment of an Art Finder application created by Code for America Fellows.
  • Code for Kids - How teachers, parents, and educators can work together to introduce simple and complex computer-programming skills into school curricula.
  • Clean Communities - How to be part of creating a resource network that matches volunteers willing to shovel snow and mow grass with elderly and disabled residents.
Or consider one of these national challenges.

Check out the Event Wiki page for details on each selected project.

If the ticket price is a limiting factor in your attendance, please contact us as a limited number of need based discounts are available.

When and Where

June 6, 2015 -- 9am to 9pm

Indiana University South Bend
Arts & Education Building
1800 W. Mishawaka Avenue
South Bend, IN 46615


Registration, Coffee, & Networking
Welcome & Introductions
South Bend Chief Innovation Officer, Santiago Garces
Form Teams
Hacking, Designing, Building, & Dreaming Begins
Final Presentations
After Party at Oaken Bucket


Registration required. The fee being charged will help offset the cost of food, refreshments and T-Shirt.

  • Participant $15
  • Students - Email the organizer for a special discount code

Register by clicking here

Code for America
Indiana University
The Branch South Bend
South Bend, IN


Hack Michiana is an opportunity for individuals to be engaged citizens and take an active role in our community. We need engineers, technologists, civil servants, community builders, scientists, designers, artists, educators, students, entrepreneurs, project managers (are you reading all people, all skills? that's what's needed) - anybody who is willing to collaborate with others to create, build, and invent to solve challenges relevant to our neighborhoods and our community. There are so many advantages for a community that has these community building events, such as creating space for innovation and spurring economic opportunity. Not to mention, you could increase your personal network and perhaps learn a new skill. Join us for this chance for our community to get inspired and get involved. Join us to hack for change and help reboot citizenship.

Code of Conduct

Regular Meetings

Second Thursday of each month @ 5:30pm

The Branch
105 E. Jefferson Blvd.
Suite 500
South Bend, IN 46601


I hear about "hackers" in the news. Isn't hacking bad? - To us, a hacker is someone who uses a minimum of resources and a maximum of brainpower and ingenuity to create, enhance or fix something. Although in some circumstances it is used in a negative sense, the term is not inherently negative, nor does it even have to be related to technology.

Who can participate in Hack Michiana? - Anyone can participate in any National Day of Civic Hacking event, throughout the country. To have a successful event, we are going to need people from all backgrounds, with a broad range of skills. We'll need engineers, technologists, scientists, designers, artists, educators, students, entrepreneurs -- anyone who has a passion for changing their community and is willing to contribute.

Read this great blog post - Do I have to be a programmer?

Can my company or organization get involved? How? -Absolutely! We're looking for help in the following areas:
1. Contribute data, code, or a challenge to support the event.
2. Support the planning of Hack Michiana by contributing resources or funding.
3. Promote Hack Michiana and encourage subject matter experts, employees, and citizens to participate.
4. Attend Hack Michiana!

Can city, state and federal government help? - We are looking for city, state and federal government agencies who are interested in supporting events in their communities around the nation. Support by government and/or city leadership may include:
1. Contribute data, code, or a challenge to support the event.
2. Promote Hack Michiana and encourage subject matter experts, employees, and citizens to participate.
3. Attend Hack Michiana!

Challenges & Examples

Challenges from NDoCH site - A curated list of challenges from Federal Government Departments and Agencies.

Open City - Civic Apps Built with Open Data.

Code for Tulsa Projects - Code for Tulsa creates and maintains civic apps for Tulsa.

City of Houston Sample Projects - These projects are closely aligned to Mayor Annise Parker's Priorities. They also represent noticeable pain points for the City.

Hack Kansas City - Project pitches.

Code for Philly - Civic Projects Directory.

HackForChangeNashville - Project ideas.


Datasets and Resources from NDoCH site - A curated list of datasets.

Data.Gov - Open Data Sites.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) - Web Services.
FAA - Web Services catalog.

Open Government Platform - OGPL To Promote Transparency And Citizen Engagement.

The Nation's Report Card (Data tools) - The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) is the largest nationally representative and continuing assessment of what America's students know and can do in various subject areas.

State of Indiana - SEARCH: Data.